Field Trial of the Cuddeback Expert IR Digital Scouting Camera



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I have tested some of the Cuddeback products in the past and I have had mixed success with them. For the most part they have been decent cameras but the image quality was fair and I had some problems with the mounting system that they used. I was anxious to see if they had made improvements on some of these Five Reasons to Choose a Cold Laminator issues.

The Image Quality

The images taken by this camera are a little better than the previous 3.0 model. They are not the quality that I get from my Sony Cybershot but that is not the use that they are intended for. I would rate the image quality somewhere between fair and good. It is sufficient for using as a field camera to research the deer I want to track. You might have some trouble blowing up or cropping images but overall it is not bad.

The Trigger Speed

In my opinion maybe the most important feature of a field camera is its ability to capture images quickly. I have been using How To Remove Recover File System Error field cameras for some time, and the early generation cameras were painfully slow. Some of them were even over five or six seconds. This is one area where the Cuddeback Expert absolutely excels. This is actually the faster camera I have ever used in terms of How Do I Fix Windows System32 Rundll32 Exe Error its trigger speed and that is a big plus. Those early generation cameras took plenty of pictures of the forest by itself, and often I could not tell if the sensor was just picking up movement of branches or if the camera was trying to capture a buck moving quickly through the focus of the camera. I have to give credit to Cuddeback for maintaining great trigger speed on its cameras.


The Cuddeback Expert takes four D size batteries. The battery life is about four weeks on this model. The manual tells me that when the battery level indicator gets to one then the batteries should be replaced. When it Why You Shouldn't Ignore 734 Ppp Link Control Protocol Was Terminated For Windows 7 was at one, it seemed like it was out of juice. It did take a fair amount of pictures but the life of the batteries could be improved upon. If you are planning on using rechargeable batteries then you will see the battery life cut in half so it is probably not advisable unless you plan to be checking on your camera very often.

Other Features

One thing that has been a contention for me Perl58.dll Win7 Problem, Causes And Solution is the equipment that comes with 3 Steps to Add Variety to Your Healthy Weight Loss Program many field cameras for setting them up on the tree. Cuddeback has been no exception Cabo San Lucas On Any Budget to this rule, although the current set up is an improvement on the former. You can padlock the case closed which is good, but they could improve the strap system even more if they wanted to really make Steps To Fix Error Code 0x000000A5 this an easy to use unit.

Overall the picture quality is ok with this camera, the functions are actually pretty good and the trigger ADHD In Young Children: The Indications speed is outstanding. The cost of these cameras remains low, so if you are getting into Kitchen Workbench: Equipping it Properly is Easier Than You Think the field photography I would suggest that this one is worth a look.

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